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Young Leaders Academy is proud to offer a unique curriculum for youth ages 5 to 13 within a school climate and culture that embraces ingenuity, leadership and critical thinking skills. Starting as early as the age of five, children are challenged to develop skills that empower them to maximize their academic and personal attributes by means of practical application aligned to state standards of learning and meaningful life skills. Thus, as the child progresses into the upper grades, the foundation of purposeful learning and entrepreneurial skills will serve to foster the key areas of character, service and scholarship embedded into a one-of-kind leadership program.

Leadership Mentoring

With a nurturing spirit and expertise, the faculty and outreach community leaders provide periodic mentoring sessions, workshops and retreats to provide students a support network to ignite interests in leadership roles in career fields of interest. With the progression of the academic year, students build upon former experiences leading to performance-based action projects and presentations.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The desire to excel and succeed starts from the very start the child walks through the doors of the school as each child represents a set of unique abilities and talents that will serve to enhance the student body of Young Leaders Academy and become with the formation offered a contributing responsible citizen of the community. Our students LEAD by example and DISCOVER their skill sets to transition into high school with a focus and leadership to author their own professional journey as business entrepreneurs or leaders of global organizations.